Why Signage Matters

After 650 miles of driving, with my family of 5 in the mini-van, we were about to ascend a hill on I-80 East in Pennsylvania.  There it was towering above the tree line. It stood alone in the sky as a symbol of restaurant supremacy.  The sign actually looked suspended from heaven. A haven for weary travelers waiting to grease their arteries with “potatoes” and suck down endless amounts of HFCS…AKA Sugar.  You guessed it, the Golden Arches. A well placed sign stops people in their tracks!

Why was the SIGN so powerful?

#1 Uniqueness – It stood out – it was perfectly placed, don’t place your sign among the clutter of others, find a spot and own it.  The genius is they made their recognizable symbol unique by placing it strategically.

#2 Placement – It was the only sign “in the sky” – It was obvious someone figured out how tall those trees would grow and built that sign with maximum visibility and powerful effect.  View your sign from EVERY angle you can, walk through, drive by, fly by, view the sign and make sure you get it right!

#3 Brand – It was just a symbol – It wasn’t full of all their daily specials.  They were just trying to communicate “we’re here, c’mon in!”

#4 Readability – After becoming a “yard sign” junkie, I have seen hundreds upon hundreds of the worst yard signs ever.  Traveling at 40 miles an hour, you expect me to read your 12 font lettering on your yard sign?  Communicate MORE with LESS words.  The placement must match the purpose of the sign.

#5 Visibility – Built on a platform that had to extend at least 125 feet in the sky…enough said.  Do whatever you have to making certain your sign WILL be seen.

Now, think about your organization…I happen to pastor a mobile church.  Having a mobile church presents all kinds of challenges when it comes to communication. Where should people park? Where do I take my kids? Which theater do I go to?  Is this the right part of the building?

We set up close to 50 signs EVERY week.  On the street approaching the theater, driving up, coming in, everywhere.  Every sign matters, is placed meticulously and has designated font size and coloring to communicate the intended result!   But please don’t forget… Your PEOPLE are your best signs.  glossy print may wow someone, but a high quality experience will keep people coming back.  Almost every week we get feedback stating how easy it was to find our meeting rooms, BUT…The people made the experience.  The signs serve the people and the vision:  “The church for people who aren’t here yet”

Take some time and ensure your signs maximize the leverage above.

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5 thoughts on “Why Signage Matters

  1. That would be awesome! but very expensive 🙂 Would love to have someone fund that for a year and see if people respond to a huge bill board like that…

  2. Im so really happy to be part of the great vision, My first impression was that the order and I agree with you and I reiterate how easy it was to get was as a video game play, Throw in the quality of people who greet you from the parking lot, people at the entrance, the jed bear,and delicious cakes, beagels, coffee, make that most people are connected with the church AND START your relationship with Jesus. i love your phrase” The people who Are not church for here yet “, I love that vision to work for people who do not know the truth I am also serving in