Hold on Tight Dad!

I have been a dad for almost 12 years now and man it has been a crazy ride.  Every year has brought more and more challenges from walking my three kids through the toddler phase to now entering into the middle school malaise.  I’ll never forget the moment my now 11 year old was born.  It was life changing.  All of the sudden I caught a glimpse of how God felt about me.  It was remarkable.  I knew billions of men had experienced this moment but this moment was my moment.  I believe fatherhood is how God speaks to men at some of the deepest levels possible and I love watching people engage in experiencing God. 

When you abdicate your God given leadership role in the family, you miss out on God’s voice.

At my church today, Pastor Kevin shared his own story of how God has restored his relationship with his father.  He shared how God affirms, encourages and commissions us as fathers.  An incredible one hour experience with men holding the bible in their hands commissioned to be Godly fathers.  He is HOLDING ON to us.

My older brother Adam has been a dad now for just over a week!  I was thinking about him today as he sent this picture of his little guy, Malachi Charles Conn, just after he was born 26 weeks after conception.  My nephew was 2 pounds 2 ounces at birth and is a testimony of how much we truly are HOLDING ON to God for every breath.

Gripping Daddy’s hand

Can we just be honest?  Being a dad isn’t all glory and accolades.  As a matter of fact, most every dad I know including my own dad has dealt with a whole range of emotions and feelings.  Here some things I have had to deal with as a Dad.

  • Pressure – It seems as though everywhere I look there is pressure to perform.  Pressure to be a Godly man, a great provider, a loving husband, an exceptional example to my kids.  Being a dad comes with a lot of pressure.  Take the pressure off and just accept the responsibility and pay the price.  Being a Dad is a God given privilege. Most any man can father a child but it takes a real man to be a Dad. Find biblical ways to deal with the pressure and Choose legacy over biology… HOLD ON!
  • Insecurity – I have never felt as out of control as I have when being a Dad. I wonder if I am spending enough time with my kids, if I am disciplining them correctly and if I am relating to them in the right ways.  There are so many questions.  Doubt can become strong and overpowering in my own mind. Choose God’s opinion of you over the world’s… HOLD ON!
  • Failure – the dreaded ‘F’ word.  Failure is a difficult pill to swallow especially when you have so many people watching you. Maybe it’s a failed business or broken promises. As a dad the truth is you will fail but that isn’t the real issue.  The issue is, how will you react to your own failure?

Here is my admonishment to us today as fathers – Stay in the game, don’t quit on your kids, give something up and do what ever you have to do to HOLD ON.  This means stay faithful to your wife, put down the remote, choose to depend on Jesus and whenever you are tempted to do something stupid, remind yourself of the unconditional love Jesus has for you.  There is nothing like being a Dad.

Embrace it with everything in you…

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3 thoughts on “Hold on Tight Dad!

  1. Great message—-I love the line that states that Most any man can father a child, but it takes a real man to be a Dad.
    You have to see the movie COURAGIOUS. Great lines about being a great Dad. Keep up the good work, or the GOD work. YBIC Hank

  2. The image of Malachi “holding on”, is a perfect reminder to me to hold on to GODS hand every day as though my life depends on it. Because IT DOES!!!!!!