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My son Titus has a new hobby, collecting baseball cards.  Over the last few months a day has not gone by when he has not talked about his new favorite hobby.  He is living, eating, and breathing baseball.  Statistics, rookie cards, hall of fame induction dates…If this keeps up, in a few years, Titus will be a walking baseball encyclopedia.  Something happened and I’m not sure what it was, but ever since the day he received his first cards, the boy won’t stop asking for more.  It doesn’t matter where we are: Vacation, Target, heck we could be in the car in the middle of the desert and Titus sooner or later would ask me, “When are we going to get more cards?”  At first it annoyed me, but now, it just reminds me that my son is intensely pursuing a vision.  To know everything possible he can about baseball and to acquire as many cards as possible.  He is PURSUING me relentlessly for MORE CARDS!  I mean really, it is quite amazing.

Titus’ latest acquisition / Jim Rice 1975 Topps Rookie Card

If there is one thing I need to hear and sense on a daily basis, it is that God Is Pursuing Me.  He is always trying to communicate with me, always trying to help me see things from His perspective and always willing to listen to where my heart is.  He is constantly asking me to take more risk, change something and come alongside Him in what He is doing.  As a matter of fact, my biggest fear is that I would lose touch on how to listen to God. 

His faithfulness to us is NOT dependent on our faithfulness to Him.

When you feel helpless and even like God has given up on you, try this…

  • Wait on the Lord – STOP!  Wait!  You have to calm down and realize that your timeline is not God’s timeline and it won’t be.  Stop freaking out!  The closer you get to God the more you learn to be faithful in the little things and will wait for him to do the work in the big things.  Learn the discipline of sacrificing short term instant gratification for long term gain.  There is something to be said for waiting a VERY long time for something. Don’t fall into the trap of saying, “God hasn’t moved YET, so it must not be His will.”  maybe God is saying “NOT YET”  GOD IS PURSUING YOU!
  • Hope in the Lord – I have seen so many young pastors, leaders give up on ministry, their families and their calling.  They live with this idea that they have to be in control and after a while they lose hope!  Things are probably not going to go your way 100% of the time!  But don’t lose hope.  This scripture once got me through a time of despair and doubt:  Isaiah 40:29-31
  • Seek the Lord – Don’t stop asking!  Be persistent and beg God for His plan for your life to come to it’s full fruition.  This means you will probably have to listen like you have never listened before.  Cut out the distraction, think like you haven’t thought before and lean on His understanding. Go ALL-IN with GOD!  Jeremiah 29:13 “You will seek me and find me, when you seek me with all your heart.”

This Sunday 217church is all about a God who is faithful and PURSUES US! (Lamentations 3:21-23) Even when we absolutely ruin our lives and deviate drastically from his plan for our lives, HE STILL PURSUES US!  This is crazy, I would have given up on me by now, but God hasn’t and He won’t.  He won’t give up on me, His church and His plan for humanity.  If we pursued God like Titus is pursuing baseball, wow! We would be closer to His heart for us!

Today, live in the reality GOD IS PURSUING US

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2 thoughts on “Keep on Pursuing

  1. I started going to 217 a few weeks ago. Only been there 3x. They say 3x is the charm & I love 217!!! I have some friends that left the church we all attended to go there & now I can see why. Every Sunday I feel the Lord really speaking to my heart & His presence is ever so real to the point I’m in tears. ;’-( From the point you drive up & there are greeters to greet you ( I don’t have to feel like such a loser for being single) because I feel right at home & welcomed to the music to the message. 217 is just absolutely amazing. I don’t know any other church that would send you a personal thank you note for being a 1rst time visitor with a chick fil a card. I have been so touched. I have been through a whole lot of hardships this past year but with 217 & God by my side I have been able to be more then a conquerer. Thank you too for this vision to keep pursuing God. It’s soo hard to be patient at times and not to always try to figure things out on our own but we need tobecause God is in control and wants to keep us safe. We need to pursue Godly things & not things of the world. It is sooo easy to be on the other side thinking if we pursue wrong relationships, sex, drugs & alcohol that we will find happiness. That’s until we fall flat on our face & realize that God has been the one pursuing us all along. Thanks agaIn for helping me to pursue God & the people of Hamilton Twp. to be a light in a dark world. Your a wonderful Pastor Josh but I know all glory goes to HIM. He is def. using you as an ambassador. Thank you thank you thank you for your ministry & for being a vessel. I feel like I said thank you a million times in this e-mail so by now I’m sure you got the point how eternally grateful I am. 🙂 It’s the positive things we need to pursue. AMEN!!!???

  2. Stephanie,

    Wow! I am so pleased to hear that you have found us to be a family together accepting and welcoming of you. I would love for you to formally own the vision and start serving on Sunday mornings once a month. It is a great opportunity to come and be a part of the setting up and tearing down of the physical equipment! There is something for everyone to do!

    The contact is to sign up for a team. Over 50 people serve every week to make us possible as a church without a building every week! Blessings on you! You can find out more here: