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When I think of Martin Luther King Jr. I think of humility.  He devoted his whole life to equal rights and the ending of racial oppression in our country.  He won the Nobel peace prize at the age of 35. Amazing.  People who stand for peace are usually humble people.  This should not be so difficult but we know how difficult it can be for us.  Was Martin Luther King Jr. perfect, not at all!  But we look back at his life and look at his moments of reconciliation and peace as the most humble moments of his life.  His well known I have a dream speech carries so much humility with it and it motivates me to jump on board with his vision.  Humble people are those who promote peace which makes them attractive.  It is why the message of Jesus is so powerful, so much humility.  I want to stand for humility and be a broker of peace.  This is one of my most important roles as a Christ follower.  It is spiritual leadership at its simplest form.  Spiritual leadership is dependency on Jesus.

humble leadership makes sense to people

Before his downfall a man’s heart is proud, but humility comes before honor.”  Proverbs 18:12

When a man displays humility it is plain to see.  I love being around people who want nothing in return, no accolades or credit, no recognition or expectation.  We are wired as people to naturally expect something in return.  No one likes to be around people who know it all or think they are better than everyone.  People who lead according to their needs and fail to look out for those they serve, are on the edge of a downfall.  There is a strict warning for when we feel our heart tending towards pride.  When this happens, words and credit may come, but truly the honor becomes lost.    Humility is a beautiful thing and yet, I don’t want the title humility.  Once I claim that title I become proud.  Spiritual leadership is dependency on Jesus.

All The Answers –

I am tired of people who have all the answers.  What blesses a ministry, a work place, a home, is humility and integrity.  I’ll gladly take a person who is humble and who has integrity over big vision any day.  Show me unconditional loyalty with no entitlement and I will naturally want to walk alongside you.  A lot of people have vision based on ego, but this is corrupt and evil.  If we depend on Jesus we get his vision and develop our trust in him.  As a leaders, before I release and call someone a leader, I want to see if they can serve someone else’s vision.  I must follow, then maybe I can lead.  Spiritual leadership is dependency on Jesus.

5 Weeks of training

Over the next 5 weeks at 217church, our main topic will be training in leadership. This week we start with spiritual leadership.  What’s next for us as a church family?  Whatever it is, one thing is for sure, we better get this one right…Spiritual leadership is dependency on Jesus.

What is one simple action step you can take in order to cultivate humility in your life?

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