Making This New Season Count

I don’t know what drives you, but I am often driven by fresh starts and new seasons.  I remember my first day of middle school like it was yesterday.  Mr. Ayers was my homeroom teacher and it was a whole new adventure for me.  I loved having my own schedule, bag, books and a tremendous rush of independence as I walked throughout the halls of my middle school.  It was a whole new world of possibilities, uncertainty and a lot of excitement and fear.

A new season means steps of faith
“Every place that the sole of your foot will tread upon I have given to you”  Joshua 1:3
    When God calls you to do something BIG he promises to walk with you.

    This new season in my life is going to be incredible.  There has been a sense of anticipation flowing through me these past weeks.  I recently engaged a new coach, have been reading through the book of Joshua in the bible, and am in a time of fasting and praying learning to hear God’s voice with clarity.  If there is one thing I DO NOT want to do, it is lead myself, my family or our church family down the wrong path.  The vision is set, the last details are being worked through and the expectancy for this next season is OFF THE CHARTS!   Our 217church fall launch is September 23rd and we are ready to MAKE THIS SEASON COUNT.  But what about you?  Are you ready to make the fall count?  Here are four keys to making this new season count:

  • Get Clarity About Your Vision – One of the things that is helping me the most in planning for the fall and beyond is looking for themes of what God is saying to me.  God is speaking to me personally is through two little words: Quality Time.  My vision through this season is to engage fully investing quality time through everything I do.  Every morning I wake up, look at my schedule and choose to engage at a high level with each person, relationship and task. I want to make every day count.

Question:  Do you have a portable, memorable and motivational vision for this season of your life?

  • Gather Your Resources – SO now that you have a vision, do you have everything you need?  Namely, an execution plan, the right people and the discipline to make it happen?  Maybe your resource is support from a key influencer, a budget in place or a study tool you know you need.  Essentially, what is the plan for your daily and weekly rhythm?  You will need encouragement, accountability and some reflection times along the way to ensure you are making the season count.

Question:  Is there a tool you can identify you need that you don’t have yet?

  • Guard Against Burnout – This is perhaps my biggest failure over the years.  My problem is I think I can accomplish more than I actually can in a given season.  If you run at too many priorities you are sure to fry yourself and sabotage what could have been an incredibly productive season! The key to productivity and progress is knowing when enough is enough.  This is a daily and weekly practice. Make it count, know your limits.

Question:  Will you practice a weekly sabbath and have planned time off for this next season?

  • Go All In – It is time!  Feeling overwhelmed?  Never have there been a time and season like this one.  You are here, ready, prepared determined and no matter how you got here, no one can be you in this season!  You have incredible gifts, abilities and perspective that God has given uniquely to you and it’s time for you to go ALL IN!  You can’t hesitate and there is no time for second guessing.  Your family needs you, your friends need you and you need Jesus to walk through this season with you.  Are you really all in for the next season?  Or are you going through the motions faking it?

Question:  Is there anything preventing you from going ALL IN through this next season?

When God spoke to Joshua as he assumed leadership of His people, He gave him a promise that was bold and incredible:  “Every place that the sole of your foot will tread upon I have given to you.”  WOW!  Meditate on that for a while…

What if God did that for you?

What if God did that for your family?

What if God did that for our church? 

September 23rd launches our Fall Season at 217church and we intend to Make it Count!  You can let us know you are coming on the 23rd by clicking here and signing up on Facebook.  It will be an empowering season of activating our faith and celebrating the vision we are embarking on together.

See you at the theater!

Fall Topics:
September 23 – The 217church Vision
September 30 – Life Without Limits
October 7 – Understanding Your Calling
October 14 – Sharing Your Mission


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