My Prayer For You This Week

This morning, as I was thinking and praying through the first three weeks of our Song of Solomon Series my heart exploded for our 217church family. I know we are each experiencing this series on love, sex, and marriage from a different perspective and I know it isn’t easy.  As a matter of fact, for some of us, it is taking great courage to come and hear about these topics.  I know it hurts.  As much as I know it’s needed, I know it hurts.  I am humbled you are letting me walk through this series with you.  As I was praying this morning, I wanted to share some things I feel God is speaking to different groups of you and let you know how I am praying for all of you today.



How I Am Praying For You

#1 If You Are Divorced – My prayer is that you would sense the deep love and acceptance from Jesus, who in his last moments on the cross, chose a thief to be with him in eternity.  You are never beyond God’s grace and he forgives you.  You have asked forgiveness before in sincerity, and it is finished.  The guilt you feel is not from God.  May you rebuke the enemy as he accuses you and realize the power and confidence you have through Jesus.  “In the fear of the Lord one has strong confidence, and his children will have a refuge.” Proverbs 14:26.   Although your spouse is not there, Jesus heals.  He heals!  If you are raising children, may you parent them with grace and understanding as you answer their difficult questions and have the joy of raising a Godly child parenting them well.

#2 If You Are Single – My prayer is you would know that Jesus is with you.  He knows what it is like to be lonely and ostracized.  He understands your pain of wanting something and having to wait.  May you never sell out and settle for second best.  Hebrews 13:5 says, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.”  Jesus understands your feelings and your body belongs to God.  May you raise the standard in your expectations of a future spouse who will love you like you deserve to be loved.  If you are living together with someone who is not your spouse, may you be awakened in your error and may you receive grace from God and move out because you are a person of principle and a child of God.

#3 If You Are Married – My prayer is where there is healing needed you would understand and receive it.  For you who have struggled in your physical intimacy, may you be restored in your marriage.  May your covenant be renewed and may you return to and embrace the wife or the husband of your youth.  Where there has been cheating, may there be restoration, where there has been resentment and bitterness, may you receive peace, forgiveness and oneness with your spouse.  God believes in your marriage. It’s worth it, NEVER GIVE UP! “What therefore God has joined together, let not man separate.” Matthew 19:6 

#4 If You Have Been Sexually Abused – The person who abused you stole from you and had no right to, but I pray you will forgive them.  There is healing and there is a pathway forward. Understand no one can ever steal the grace Jesus gives to you and He has the power to restore your mind and the way you think about your body. Know your body belongs to God, He values you and he loves you.

#5 If You Are In An Unhealthy Relationship – My prayer is you find your identity in Christ and not in another person.  May you stop trying to fill the gap in your life with other people and may you turn to Jesus.  May you be a person of courage and break up with that man, woman, boy or girl who is not God’s best for you.  May you be built up by those around you who would encourage you and pour into you more than they take from you.

#6 If You Are a High Schooler or Middle Schooler – Maybe you feel you have blown it and have already made a bad choice.  My prayer is you would know that no boy or girl defines your worth.  Jesus already defined your worth when he died on the cross and claimed everything about you as HIS!  This includes your body.  It belongs to God.  May everything you choose to do with it be a worship to God.  May you live Romans 12:1 “I appeal to you therefore brothers, to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, which is your spiritual worship.”

#7 You’ve Remained Pure Sexually – You have been given a gift.  May you remain steadfast in your commitment to your future spouse.  May you find the wife or husband that God has for you in his due time.  May you prepare for your wedding day by drawing close to God and learning to serve, sacrifice and live the Gospel everyday.  May you be blessed with a lifelong covenant help mate that you will serve and draw close to who will show you what it means to be like Jesus.

I love you all and want to remind you about our March 24th Vow Renewal Weekend.  We will be celebrating the marriage covenant and how God will remain faithful to us in our marriages.

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12 thoughts on “My Prayer For You This Week

  1. This is a beautiful prayer list. I have not made it to church through the King of Solomon but I have been listening and staying up with 217 online and facebook. I have to admit I was weary to come because I am a divorced single mom and sometime it is hopeless to think I will get married again. I know if it is in God’s plan, I will. But the prayer made me tear up and I am grateful for your prayer 🙂

    Thank you!

  2. April,

    I am so glad this ministered to you. Never let guilt or shame keep you from worshiping or feeling accepted in the body of Christ. We are here to help and there is an amazing group of people at 217church who are here to help and pray for you! We love you!

  3. Amen. Thanks so much for the mid-week reminder to keep ourselves holy. I really needed that. GREAT series!

  4. Jessica, i am glad this series is helping you walk through your situation! Blessings on you, thanks for your encouragement and let us know any way we can help.

  5. This series has got me thinking more about my role as a husband. It has help me think more about my wife and the joy of being marry to her. Can’t wait to renew my vows. It will be a week before our 12 year anniversary. God Bless!

  6. David, You are an inspiration to those around you! keep pursuing your wife and strengthening that bond and God will honor that! You are a great dad and husband, keep it going!

  7. April,

    I am also a divorced single mother and I’m so glad that you are keeping up with this series. I was a little uncomfortable myself at first, but I have learned that God already forgave me and I have been able to forgive myself. I feel that my self-esteem is so much higher and I now know my self-worth and that I NEVER have to settle for second best. This series has also helped have conversations with my son that I found hard to approach before!! God bless you and your family! I would love to talk to you some time…please feel free to contact me!!

  8. Geoff has been at Princeton hospital for about a week
    For an EEG.

    Please pray that he can have a small seizure that can be documented, so that he can be released and come home soon.

    That is the whole point of this EEG — to see if he s a good candidate for brain surgery.