217global Day 2!

Learning from yesterday’s experience in the Connection Cafe, changes were made today to allow even more conversations. The written placement test was replaced with an oral Q&A session. By asking simple questions about our guests, we got to know not only how much English each person understood but we were also able to get to know a little about their story. Why did they want to learn English? Where do they live and work? Do they have family nearby? How often would they like to come to practice English? Relationships are being developed and even today we saw some of the same faces that came yesterday.

After lunch we returned to the town of Moca for day two of the VBS program. Just as the children finished school we began music time and they danced and sang, smiled and laughed. More games and snacks and age-appropriate teaching by three of the team members. In craft time the kids decorated little boxes stuffed with God’s promises. Little reminders of how much God loves them. Little faces we’ll never forget.

Again this evening we were blessed to hear the testimonies of two of our own team members. We are getting to know each other well – even as their stories are translated from one language to another. There is nothing more powerful than seeing Christ alive in the hearts of the next generation. This evening’s youth service was a powerful reminder of that fact. Christ is moving in the hearts of the youth in the Dominican.

The evening concluded with a special Dominican dish before leaving town. Mofongo!

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