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Tonight, many of you will be out acting crazy, having more fun that you can handle as you ring in the new year!  I look back at my New Year’ Eve celebrations and I remember a few of them.  One year Summer and I went to New York City and ran a four mile race that kicked off at midnight, another year I remember going outside and yelling at the top of my lungs “Happy New Year!”  But here is where you can find me this year…

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“Teach me your way, O Lord, that I may walk in your truth”  Psalm 86:11

AT – HOME.  There are 4 things I plan on doing at the stroke of midnight that are going to define my year.

My First 4 Actions of 2014…

#1  Kiss My Wife –  That is right, while millions of people will be kissing random idiots with meaningless expressions, I will be smooching the girl I plan to spend the rest of my life with.  I plan to love my wife deeper this year than I ever have.  Today I had the opportunity to take my bride on a lunch date and we talked about all the blessings of God in 2013.  I love this girl more than any other person and will do everything I can to make sure she knows it. Kiss the girl, then love her deeply the other 364 days.

#2 Pray With Her –  After the kiss I am going to sit on the couch, grab her hand and I am going to pray a prayer of blessing over her, our family and our year.  I am going to pray a prayer of provision, purpose, and protection.  God is faithful.  All I am doing is leaning into His promise of blessing.

#3 Do 25 Push Ups  –  Next the pushups…why?  because I still can.  God has given me a body to take care of and I plan on taking care of it.  25 push ups really won’t change much but I am drawing a line in the sand.  He gave it to me, I need to take care of it.

#4 Give a Gift – Finally, I am going online and making a financial gift to the church as a symbol.  I know where EVERYTHING comes from, Jesus!  The Lord gives and takes away.  I’m not sure what 2014 will bring and neither do you but it is His kingdom, His world, His 2014 and I exist to bring glory to Him.

You may think these are small things, but for me, these things will unlock how I define success in 2014.  Depend on God, love my wife, take care of my body, celebrate his provision.

Party on!



P.S.  In case you missed it here is a short video encouragement for 2014



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2 thoughts on “Unlock The Secret to 2014

  1. Thanks for this post. Seems this year will be about making my own Servellon family traditions instead of being part of some one else’s. This post gives me some great ideas. I’ll try the 25 push-ups myself because I definitely want to be healthier this year. But most importantly I’ll be praying and seeking God with my family within those first hours of 2014. God bless you pastor Josh.

  2. Haha about the pushups, whatever you do, be deliberate and systematic. Emotions come and go but the things we do everyday speak volumes, especially to our kids. love you guys! See you in the New Year!