The Most Important Question…EVER

WILL YOU LOVE?  Last week we launched our new East Windsor site and together 217church has now grown to 500+ in weekly services.  This Sunday in East Windsor, we meet at Grace Rogers School at 10:15am.  We are officially one church in TWO locations!  In four short years, here is what we have become: A FAMILY.  The beauty of the church is that Jesus has given us a “Blueprint” to rebuild our life.  “Love the Lord your God with all your heart…and LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF. (Matthew 22:38-39)  The most important word in this verse…LOVE!  Will you LOVE?

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The Most Important Question:  WILL YOU LOVE?  “If I have faith…and have not love, I am nothing.” 1 Corinthians 13:3

Love is hard in some circumstances and easy in others.  But here are some things that reflect a church that will be thriving as a family.

What LOVE Does…

#1 Adopts –  Love says, “you are part of the family, no matter what!”  Our 217groups adopt people every week.  There are 17 groups that meet in homes across the Central Jersey area.  They get it.  You Are Family Now.

#2 Forgives –  C’mon!  This just makes simple sense.  Why is it that we want to be forgiven but have such a hard time forgiving?  LET – IT – GO!  No seriously…Right…….Now.

#3 Believes –  I need more people to believe in me, how about you?  If you believe in me as a person, I know you have my back and you will believe the BEST about me.  So many times the reverse is true, we assume the worst.

#4 Sacrifices – With those I love, There is nothing I won’t do for them.  It’s just that simple.  If you love Jesus you will do what he says.  Want to experience this for real?  Pick someone and get married.

This Sunday we continue our Blueprint series and will have an opportunity for you to join a small group and begin to #livedifferently.  Our 217 groups Serve, Learn, Invite, Care and Eat together.  Isn’t it time you acted like you were part of the family?

“Rebuilding lives one person at a time…”



Josh is the lead pastor of 217church, a multi-site, contemporary church in Mercer County NJ planted in 2010.  217church is a family with small groups in New Jersey and Pennsylvania that meets Sundays in the Hamilton AMC24 Theater 9:30 & 11am and Grace Rogers School in East Windsor, NJ at 10:15.  Our new East Windsor Campus meets every Sunday.  If you are looking for a church in East Windsor NJ, Hamilton NJ, Mercer County, Middlesex County or Bucks County, PA, don’t miss our weekend services. Visit for more infromation.




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