Why Change is GOOD!

I know I just made some of you cringe with that title.  CHANGE IS HARD!  Each of us have a different tolerance and preference for change and at the same time, no matter what, changing things is difficult.  Sometimes change is a choice and sometimes change happens out of our control.  But no matter what the change, we must learn to see the broader picture of what God is doing.  As many of you know, Luke Fraser has transitioned out of his role as the Robbinsville campus pastor, this means more change for our church.  God is in the process of changing all of us and there is much to learn.


“Emerging from a change can be the most difficult thing we face in our lives”

“Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.. Hebrews 11:1

Whenever we face a critical change there are things we need to keep focused on.  Who God is, where He is, and believing he has our best in mind, to name three of them.  This will take an incredible amount of faith.  But trust me on this one, the change can be good.  Our staff talked about change this week in our weekly meeting, here is what we came up with.

5 Reasons Why Change is Hard and What to Do:

1. Fear of the Unknown – WE MUST TRUST THE LOVE OF GOD.  Many times we don’t need to have more answers, we need to have more trust.  Figuring everything out and making decisions to quickly after a change can cause us to panic even more.  Make decisions out of love not fear. “Perfect love drives our fear.” 1 John 4

2. Disappointment ANTICIPATE THE EXCITEMENT OF SOMETHING NEW.  When you get to rock bottom and disappointment turns into depression, you have to look forward and ask God for a new vision.  What is one new thing you think God wants to do through you?  Mourn the disappointment, have a season of grief, then believe.

3. Lack of Control – TOTALLY DEPEND ON GOD.  Control is an illusion.  The economy, your marriage, your house, your job, your family.  The reality is, we control nothing.  Our job is to let go of control and submit to the process that God has for us in the change.  This has happened several times in my life and as a matter of fact, is happening right now as I right this!

4. I’m Uncomfortable PRAY.  Maybe I should have put this one first on the list!  I have head this so many times, it is like a broken record, pray, then pray, then pray some more.  Start a new prayer habit and remember, take someone with you.  Have someone check in with you everyday and pray for you as you go through the change.

5. Doubt – SILENCE THE ENEMY.  You have to ban the voices from your head that would seek your destruction.  Doubt is the beginning of deadly pattern.  What you take into your mind can corrupt your soul.  Choose not to listen to what the enemy would say about you and lean on who Jesus says you are.

I know it is difficult, I know it isn’t what you thought it would be, it’s time to increase your faith and trust God simply for today.  He has your tomorrow. emerge from where God has you!



One simple act of obedience can cause a #rippleeffect



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