Help, I Want To Pray More

Last month I was sitting on a hill staring out at one of the most beautiful lakes in the world in Africa, Lake Victoria.  I was praying for my family, our church ministry, the leaders, my marriage and overall wisdom in every decision.  Many times God calls you to make hard decisions, sometimes that are unpopular but rooted in the word. God teaches us different things in different seasons.  In this season, He is teaching me to depend on Him more through prayer.  We must have a rich prayer life, These are prayers I am praying for you…

Praying Hands 5-23-14

“The prayers of a righteous person are powerful and effective ” James 5:16

God is not done with you.  No matter what you face it is for a season.  But when all else fails, you can absolutely depend on God.  It’s time to pray.

Four Prayers I am Praying For You…

#1 Your Faith – Jesus takes convicts and turns them in to converts.  That is right, this is what we are all about, restoring people in their relationship with Jesus.  He came that we would have faith and that He would die and be the ultimate sacrifice so we would have eternal life and know and follow HIM.  RESTORED!  This is our word.  Jesus rose from the DEAD and while pointing to Jesus, My prayer is your belief and dependence would increase that you would be able to take your eyes off the worldly results, temptations and pride and call out in the heavenly reality.

#2 Your Finances  – What we invest in we value.  I have talked to so many people these last two weeks who are hurting financially.  When you can’t provide for your family there is uncertainty, fear, confusion and even insecurity.  We need to continue to pray for God’s provision for the people of our community.  Especially the elderly, the disabled, the widows and the single moms.  When we begin praying these prayers God will move us to realize that we are to be generous and help one another through difficult times.  I love being a part of a church and community that believes in taking care of those who are going through rough times.  We do this because it is an example of the Gospel of Jesus in action.  Giving is not about a legalistic percentage, but a heart that is transformed as a reflection of the Gospel. A FAMILY takes care of one another and advances the Gospel with its finances. My prayer is you would have enough to live but not so much that you would depend on your riches.

#3 Your Focus  Be more afraid of missing an opportunity than failing.  Distractions will derail your life.  Jesus and the Gospel are what matters.  We are to be pursuing Him as our FIRST priority.  We are to serve others and love them.  Who has Jesus sent you to?  Take your eyes off yourself and you will begin to gain the right focus. The church is at it’s best serving the community, loving people, taking care of one another, pursuing the common good, sharing meals together and speaking out as a peaceful voice of reason.  My prayer is you would focus on the right things. 

#4 Favor of the People – We are HIS children – Let me say that again.  You have a seat at the table with Jesus and he calls you, “brother, sister and friend.”  I tell my children they bear my last name and they need to act like it!  When you realize whose family you are in and that the Father has lavished the greatest gift of love and favor on your life, it changes how you PRAY.  Through forgiveness of sins, repentance, privilege and honor to be called the church and a life in heaven with HIM, he has given us favor.  This changes our perspective.  We need to pray for the favor of God that he would be merciful and gracious, especially with those who don’t know Him yet.  My prayer is he would INCREASE HIS FAVOR upon you.

You refresh my heart and it is a privilege to pray for you.

This week at 217church week 2 of our defining moments series as we study Deborah: When Calling Meets Action Judges 4.



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One thought on “Help, I Want To Pray More

  1. Hurrah. I totally agree AND what about including on your list, prayers for our neighborhoods, our communities, our schools, our counties, our state, our country (especially our country in light of South Carolina events) AND the nations, start with a great and fragile one that you have just visited…

    I’m ready to meet, particularly crack of dawn intercessors. Name the morning and I’ll be there, Lord willing…