Let’s Buy Some Land 217church!

I am so excited about the next season of 217church as we plan to purchase land!  In case you missed it, We have transitioned into combining into ONE CAMPUS at the Robbinsville Sharon School on Sundays.  Watch video below to hear the news from Sunday.  I’m looking forward to all God has for us…Every life counts!  Just this last Sunday I spoke with a first time family that said,  “We have never experienced anything quite like 217church!  We felt the presence of God and are definitely coming back and our kids loved it!”

UPDATE 11-29-16:  We have put an offer on a piece of land and have already received pledges and gifts of $175,000!  We need $75,000 more in order to have the necessary funds to close on the property.  Our December 31, 2016 goal is $250,000.  


Help complete the $250K vision:  GIVE HERE to the Accelerate Building Fund

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4 Reasons We Have Combined Our 2 Campuses –

#1 Land Purchase –  We feel called to move towards a more permanant location and purchase a piece of property in order that we can build.  We have been a mobile church for seven years and we are ready to take the next step in our development.  We have identified a piece of land and are planning on making an offer as soon as we have the required resources.

Key Prayer:  Favor with the township and people of Robbinsville as we continue to serve

#2 Unity   As we streamline our ministry, we will continue to do incredible work through our 217groups in Hamilton and other townships.  Both of our weekend ministry teams will be combining and the process has started to leverage these teams.  Meeting together in One Service will allow us all to worship and pray together during this season.

Key Prayer:  For unity and increased relationships in our church family

#3 Saving Resources – As we transition, we will be saving $70,000 in rental space costs per year.  This just makes sense for us right now as we simplify and gather our resources in order to make sacrifices going forward.

Key Prayer:  Provision of $200-$250K in resources to make this offer on the land

#4 Urgency –  The time is now – God is calling us forward and we must move swiftly to capitalize on this momentum.

Key Prayer:  For energy and open doors going forward

Listen to our Sunday PODCAST on the Go HERE

Watch the full message “Our Strategic Advantage” Here:

As Joshua is commissioned as the new leader of the Hebrew nation, his vision is clear and so is his advantage.  God is with Him.  If we are to walk into this new season where we have strategic advantage, we must have these four attitudes: No turning back, no limits, no doubts, and no excuses.


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2 thoughts on “Let’s Buy Some Land 217church!

  1. Absolutely – God is moving in the hearts and lives of His people. We continue to baptize and help people. Thanks for your encouragement in His mission in Central New Jersey! Josh