10 Things That Accelerate Vision

Over the next 10 days I will be sharing one attribute a day that is proven to #accelerate vision.  These are essential if we are to take our vision further faster.  These lessons don’t just apply to our church, but to every area of our lives. What will it take to #accelerate the vision of our lives and our church?

Principle #1 We must lead from a place of HUMILITY –


“The reward for humility and fear of the Lord is riches and honor and life.”  Proverbs 22:4

I am tired of people who have all the answers, aren’t you? What blesses a ministry, a work place, a home, and a life is humility.  I’ll gladly take a person who is humble and who has integrity over a know it all friend or co-worker any day.  Show me unconditional loyalty with no entitlement and I will naturally want to walk alongside you.  A lot of people have vision based on ego, this is corrupt and evil.  If we depend on Jesus we get His vision and we then develop our trust in him.  This has to be done with humility.  Before I release and call someone a leader, I want to see if they can serve someone else’s vision.  Here is the BIG IDEA: I must follow, then maybe I can lead.

The Three Phases of Humility 

#1 Testing – This is where you find out how humble you really are.  You probably won’t have it your way and you won’t be in control. When things don’t go your way and circumstances seem dire, you find out how humble you really are and how comfortable you are with being “less than” perfect.

#2 Tenacity – Facing your own inadequacy is humbling and sobering.  If you are to develop a clear picture of humility, you will need to depend on God and others in ways you never thought possible.  If you think you are always right, you don’t get it.

#3 Triumph – You WIN!  That’s right, he who is last becomes first.  Now be careful, the moment you claim humility is the moment your pride rises up and crushes it.  Be weary of your pride, place others in front of you and seek always to give and advance others.  A truly humble person ALWAYS sees the larger purpose and the win for EVERYONE ELSE.

Humility will accelerate your spiritual growth and your proper visionary capacity faster than anything I know. Is this as hard for you as it is for me?


Join us at 217church and our NEW SERIES #Accelerate – Let’s celebrate what God has done through 7 years of 217church in our final Sunday at the theater!

October 2 – Looking Back – Hamilton AMC 24 10:30 am Combined service.

October 9 – Looking Forward – Sharon School in Robbinsville  10:30 am Combined service

October 16 – Courageous Sacrifice – Sharon School in Robbinsville 10:30 am Combined service

For more on our NEW SEASON and Why we are moving out of the Theater Click HERE 

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