The Big Reveal!

This Sunday we reveal the location of our first ever additional weekend worship site of 217church.  We will soon be one church in two locations! This Sunday we will reveal the date, location and what we need to launch a new worship site.  Don’t miss THE BIG REVEAL Sunday at AMC 24 10 & 11:30 AM!

Our hand written notes to 21 1st time guests families from launch Sunday

As I walked in the theater last Sunday and felt the anticipation of one of our largest gatherings ever, I was awestruck by the energy in the room!  This was happening.  We were launching and the word MULTIPLY was on our lips.  Three years ago when we started this journey we had no idea really what was going to happen, but God is clearly moving through you. What an incredible weekend!  I feel bad if you missed as it was by far one of my favorite weekends together with our 217church family.

These facts are simply a snap shot of what is going on through you and the ministry of 217church!

Some Quick Facts From Sunday:

-2 people chose to follow Jesus for the 1st time this weekend
-21 First time guest families / (New Record)
-456 people gathered (Largest Regular Weekend Ever)
-130+ people served in some capacity and we had a full breakfast together at 9 am! (New Record)
-50+ more people joined a small group
-73 total Kids! (Largest 217kids Gathering Ever)
-100 people joined for lunch following 2nd service at the youth center

What’s Next?

The staff and leadership team is here to serve you and equip you for your ministry.  Let’s make the most of this fall season. Here is a quick run down of the schedule and what you can expect every weekend.

September 30  – We reveal the location of the next worship site for 217church
Plus:  Meet 217church 1:00 pm at youth center

October 7 – We reveal our first overseas mission partner location and officially launch 217global!
Plus: 217 Blueprint class 1:00 pm at youth center

October 14 – Baptism Weekend!  This is what it’s all about! Sign up to be baptized and e-mail Kevin here:

There is no doubt about it, God’s plan for the church is to grow in every capacity.  God has been blessing every area of 217church with growth and improved health over these past two years.  But even though we are growing, this should never stop us asking the question…What if?  Our willingness to ask this question fights off complacency and becoming comfortable.  Let’s believe God for HUGE things this season and HOLD NOTHING BACK!





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2 thoughts on “The Big Reveal!

  1. Hoping the new location is going to be offering an earlier service, as I can make the 10 or 11:30 services. So maybe at the new location 🙂